NatGeo TV – How Hard Can It Be? Three-Part Special

I know, Sunday means football for most. Anyway, while you’re busy watching the NFL Ticket or Redzone channel and checking your fantasy team score every 30 seconds on your mobile phone, set your DVR up to record a three-part series on the National Geographic Channel.

This show features two very good friends of Martell Hardware. A fantastic timeline of events placed them on the radar after being highlighted in Popular Science Magazine. They basically do everything that every guy wants to do. Build contraptions, shoot stuff (stuff, not living), weld things to other things, blow things up, crash things into other larger things.

Watch the intro video of their recreation of the “Flying House” as seen in the movie Up

They build a rocket in one episode. Not a rocket that you launch off your backyard patio though, had to notify NASA and government agencies that it wasn’t a warhead launching.

About Martell Hardware

Martell Hardware is an online retailer of decorative cabinet hardware, door hardware, window & shutter hardware, and kitchen & bath hardware to match many types of decor styles.
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