PVC Flat Roof Systems – PA/NJ/DE

Flat Rubber Roofs are famous for short & long term maintenance costs and severe performance issues. A leaking roof is a problem. This could be a lengthy post about all the in’s and out’s of how, where and why rubber roofs are not the best solution.

The focus of most flat roof projects is to get the square foot price down to the lowest dollar possible.

A roof is a very important aspect of any home or building as it is the first line of defense against every element mother nature can throw at it.

With that in mind, it makes sense to:

  • Focus on a flat roofing product that is not only guaranteed against leaks, but guaranteed for longer than any other flat roofing product on the market
  • Focus on a flat roofing product that exceeds every reflectivity rating required by all industry accepted standards associations

What does this translate into?

  • No Leaks = No maintenance. Guaranteed for 15-20 years, even 25 years on commercial buildings.
  • Cooler Building Temperatures = Decreased utility costs in cooling a building

Your flat roof should be a maintenance cost eliminating, utility cost reducing, long term warranty, high performance product.

There are many of ways to properly invest in your home or building. I am choosing to highlight a local company that is installing High Performance PVC White Roof Membranes in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

I have experienced firsthand what this white roof membrane does for a residential building. I closely watched the installation process of the white roof membrane to understand how and why it is guaranteed against leaks for so long a time period.

If you are in the search for a high performance flat roof product, take a look at PVC Flat Roof Systems and their installation of IB Roof Systems PVC Membrane.

Here is a quick read on a recent installation.

High Performance PVC White Roof Membranes

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