Traditional & Vintage Restoration Hardware

I don’t believe it to be a drastically generalized statement that just about every family passes down legacy pieces from one generation to the next. Just watch “American Pickers”, “Antique Roadshow” or anything else the Keno brother’s produce. Every segment between the commercials includes “this belonged to my great-grandfather” or “my grandmother purchased this at an antique shop in the 30s”.

We inherited a corner cabinet. I lacked the foresight to photograph the cabinet in it’s inherited state so I can only explain the condition. It lived carefully covered in a storage unit for quite a few years. This isn’t a bash on the facility, but we all know that outdoor units aren’t 100% impervious to the elements (or critters). There was moisture damage. The interior of the top cabinet was painted robin’s egg blue, lead based paint, enough for me to say “let’s clean it up”. One pane was cracked and a few pieces of trim needed replacement or had gone missing.

Original hardware remained, beautiful catches, wood knobs, fasteners, butt hinges, etc. I decided to get in touch with a local restoration shop (which you’ll know more about in the near future!) to see what they would like do to return this corner cabinet to original glory. They estimated that the cabinet was built in the early 1800’s (some have said even older).

We sent the cabinet away to restoration camp and patiently awaited it’s return. We cannot express how gorgeous this cabinet is, additionally, how much careful work and attention to detail was performed by the restoration shop. It’s truly amazing. Feel free to contact me about this shop, you will not be disappointed.

Antique Corner Cabinet

Being so impressed with the finished work and having resources available to me, I decided to dig a little deeper into the hardware world to find myself a supplier of traditional and vintage restoration hardware. My focus was authentic, high quality, period correct and great price.

I am very excited to announce that I found it! A very large catalog of reproduction hardware featuring hard to find and historically accurate hardware is sitting on my lap. From cabinets to hoosiers, ice boxes, desks, bookcases, door fittings, windows and shutters. You name it, I’m quite confident I have it.

Traditional & Vintage Restoration Hardware

At this time, these are special order items, please contact me at anytime to see what is available. I’ll keep it competitive and prompt!

About Martell Hardware

Martell Hardware is an online retailer of decorative cabinet hardware, door hardware, window & shutter hardware, and kitchen & bath hardware to match many types of decor styles.
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