Am I using the correct size hinge strap?

In the end, it is entirely up to you! However, here is my suggestion when I am asked “what size strap should I use?”.

Just to clarify, I am referring to strap hinge fronts which are also known as “dummy straps”, “hinge straps”, “non-active hinges”, “ornamental hinge straps” and a handful of other creative terms.

Hinge fronts are perfect for large passage way doors, garage doors, carriage doors and large gates. In this scenario, you are adding embellishments to your garage door to make it look like a carriage door or a swing door. This is accomplished by using 4 hinge straps and 2 pull handles. If you are using pull levers, you will want the “Dummy” version as it serves no functional purpose.

Here is an example courtesy of Lynn Cove Foundry.

Lynn Cove Foundry - Shutter, Gate & Garage Door Hardware

My General Rule of Thumb

Dummy Strap length should be 1/3 of 1/2 your door. This isn’t a recognized formula, just a personal aesthetic opinion based on experience.

Example: Your garage door is 10′ Wide and you are making it look like two swing doors.

  1. 10 x 12 = 120 Inches
  2. 120 / 2 = 60 Inches (one “swing” door)
  3. 60 / 3 = 20 Inches

A 19″ or 20″ dummy strap will look great on your beautifully embellished garage….errr….carriage door!

Armed with this knowledge, you can choose from a wide array of strap hinge fronts, door pull handles or door pull levers (remember, you just want the “Dummy” version).

If you like 1 click purchasing, you can browse the Garage Door Decorative Hardware Kits

And for extra creativity points, you may want to consider Clavos and Corner Straps!

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