Charleston, SC – Rustic Shutters

A homeowner from Charleston, SC submitted a photo of her backyard project.

The story goes….

I was sitting in the back yard, trying to peek through the cracks of our privacy fence to catch a glimpse of the beautiful budding azalea on the other side. My honey saw me and said “You know, we should just cut a hole and hang an old window so you can see”. I had the saw in my hands within seconds…window was hung within minutes. Then I decided I wanted the option of privacy (you know how us ladies can be about our options), so we built functional swinging board and batten shutters, and we needed the right hardware. Thanks for helping us complete our project!

Charleston, SC - Rustic Shutters

About Martell Hardware

Martell Hardware is an online retailer of decorative cabinet hardware, door hardware, window & shutter hardware, and kitchen & bath hardware to match many types of decor styles.
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