New Sonora Matte Flat End Strap Hinges from Agave Ironworks

Agave Ironworks Sonora Matte Flat End Dummy Strap Hinges

A new faux strap hinge design from Agave Ironworks is now available. The Sonora Matte Flat End Strap Hinges provide a great finishing touch to solid wood passage doors, garage doors, wood gates or even larger cabinets. The design is a distinctive smooth strap with textured flat ends in multiple sizes and finishes. Straps measure 1 1/2" wide with available lengths of 12", 18", 24" and 30".

Mounting Agave Ironworks Strap Hinges, (also known as hinge fronts, faux hinges or dummy strap hinges) to your garage door is a quick and easy way to transform your garage door into a carriage door. These straps are mounted with the provided fasteners and include clavos (decorative nails) to cover the exposed fastener to complete the aesthetic.

Available in 4 Finishes

Agave Ironworks Hardware Finishes

Available in 4 Sizes

About Agave Ironworks

Agave Ironworks - Distinctive Rustic Iron Decor & Hardware

Located in San Diego, California and Tecate, B.C., Mexico, Agave Ironworks’ mission is to create and provide the most authentic rustic iron hardware available, staying true to the hacienda tradition.

Agave Ironworks pays meticulous attention to the texture, depth and beauty of the timeless style of a classic Tuscan Villa or Spanish Hacienda.

The distinctive feeling of the hacienda lifestyle will embrace you as you see and touch an Agave Ironworks creation. You will find quality handcrafted hardware that has been created by the sensitive hearts and hands of Hispanic master craftsman, leaving a lasting impression and adding to the beauty of your home.

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