NEW: Brushed Brass Stem Frosted Glass Cabinet Knob (65-401) by Lew’s Hardware

Lew's Hardware [65-401] Glass Cabinet Knob - Ball Series - Frosted Clear - Brushed Brass Base

Little Knob, Big Finish. The 65-401 Frosted Glass Ball Knob w/ Brushed Brass Base is a another subtle addition to the Lew’s Hardware catalog. Due to increase in demand by users of all types, the Brushed Brass Round Bar Series and Brushed Brass Square Bar Series needed a complementary knob for the simple geometric inspired handles in what is amounting to be an extremely popular finish!

A beautiful frosted glass knob that stands well on it’s own or pairs perfectly with the following Brushed Brass Items. The glass knob is a post mount knob due to the difficulties related to threading glass. The hole required for post mounting will be slightly larger than the typical hole drilled for standard M32 machines screws. We do not suggest pre-drilling at any time.

Brushed Brass Round Bar Series (Click photo to view all sizes):

Lew's Hardware Round Bar Series

Brushed Brass Square Bar Series (Click photo to view all sizes):

Lew's Hardware Square Bar Series

About Lew’s Hardware

Lew's Hardware - Decorative Cabinet & Drawer Hardware

With Lew’s Hardware™, award-winning designer Lewis Dolin brings a world of experience – and a fresh look – to the decorative hardware market.

The Bar Series (Round or Square) and Barrel Series are simple geometric forms with a great deal of versatility in their application. The signature Glass Bin Pulls elegantly transform the classic cup-like bin pull, until now always made in metal. And form and function play off each other with the Level Pull.

Over the years Lewis Dolin has received awards for his commercial and residential projects as well as his signature decorative hardware product designs marked by the same simplicity of design and clean forms that have gained him a reputation as an original, talented designer.

View more Decorative Cabinet & Drawer Hardware from Lew’s Hardware.

About Martell Hardware

Martell Hardware is an online retailer of decorative cabinet hardware, door hardware, window & shutter hardware, and kitchen & bath hardware to match many types of decor styles.
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